A good student and wanting to become a priest since his early childhood, Maurice entered the Abbey College of Saint-Maurice, on the advice of his parents and his parish priest on 28.09.1925.

Studious and intelligent, he is among the top of the class; prompt and dominating he emerges as the undisputed leader of the class. Maurice belonged to the Congregation of the Children of Mary and from the Humanities year, to the Swiss Students' Society, through the local Agaunia section. During the six years of boarding school, he had to smooth out the edges of his wilful temperament, authoritarian at times to the point of excess.

However, intelligent, "excellent student", he carries out his studies at college with excellent results; he grows in age and wisdom. For 6 years, he pursued his path of unification leading him to submit his application for admission to the novitiate of the Grand-Saint-Bernard on 22.7.1931.                  

"Principes" class Student society 1929/31 Father Tornay student