His application for admission to the novitiate of the Grand St. Bernard was filed on 22.7.1931.

On 25.8.1931, he began the novitiate and took the habit of the Canons Regular. On 8.9.1932, he made his simple vows and began the study of philosophy for 2 years.

In October 1934, he began the study of theology. From January to March 1934, he was hospitalised at the Bois-Cerf clinic in Lausanne and underwent surgery for a duodenal ulcer at the Cécil clinic.

On 8.9.1935, he made his solemn vows.

On 13 and 15. 9.1935, he received tonsure, then minor orders.

During the novitiate, the candidate for the priesthood is put to the test: rising at 5 a.m. in summer, at 5.30 a.m. in winter; meditation , mass, spiritual reading, study, preparation for the offices, the offices, the services; rest once a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for an excursion.

This rigorous regime, with its high demands, suits Maurice's character and enables him to advance by offering, prayer, patience, on the way to perfection, in all humility and confidence.

Novice at the Great St Bernard Novice at the Great St Bernard In medicine in Fribourg


Souvenir photo before his departure to Tibet