His paternal grandparents
His maternal grandparents
Jean Joseph Tornay 1820-1898 and Marie-Marguerite Addy 1833-1916 Jean Baptiste Rossier 1817-1892 and Marie Sophie Gabioud 1834-1898
His parents
Hélène Faustine Tornay 10.08.1871-11.03.1948 and Jean Joseph 08.09.1869-04.03.1953
His brothers and sisters
Marie-Cécile Jean Joseph Louis Antoine Marie Anna Marie Marguerite Joséphine Antoinette
Maurice Nicolas
Anna Marie
1898-1960 1899-1989 1903-1968 1905-1907 1907-1993 1908-1989
Anna Murisier Tornay
1944-xxxx. *

* Represents the family at the Foundation Council and the Committee of the Association of Friends of Blessed Maurice Tornay

Legend from left to right:
Behind: Jean (1899), brother of Maurice, François Formaz and his wife Joséphine Tornay, sister of Maurice
In the middle: Hélène Faustine and Jean Joseph, parents of Maurice
In front: Bernard Gay-Crosier and Agnès Gay-Crosier, children of Marie Cécile, Maurice's elder sister